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Masking in Premiere Pro is Awesome and Easy

A really new and cool feature is the Masking option right within Adobe Premiere Pro. Here’s how to do it in a brief tutorial. And it can be brief, because it’s that easy! Ofcourse it’s just a basic mask, and After Effects is the tool to make the more exciting masking happen. But still, it’s cool to make a mask, let it track your footage right within Premiere Pro.


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See the tutorial in this PDF: NWNAB_01_intro

_NAB2014 Reveal Whats New 20140324

What’s coming to Adobe Creative Cloud?

I just love the way that Adobe is making content with video a lot more easier. They’ve just released a set of powerful new features. Underneath is a list with all the new features and improvements they’ve made with the latest Creative Cloud update.

Will there finally be masking in Premiere Pro? YES! But there is many more which will make you very happy!

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Adobe Edge Animate: Adding a Facebook Share button

Okay here’s the thing. Adding a Facebook like button is not that hard. You just use the IFRAME code in from the developers site from Facebook and it works brilliantly. But it’s harder to get the Facebook Share button to work because it doesn’t support IFRAME.

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Well if this makes you sad, just follow the next easy steps and it will work!

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 09.09.38 This is my setup. It’s just a little banner with a fall theme.
Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 09.10.15

Search on google to find a share button and Import it in your project.You can search the internet of just use this button:share
Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 09.10.23 Place it on your stage just the way you like it.Right click the button and open the Actions.
Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 09.10.33 Choose the click action.
Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 09.32.44 Type in this code:“”, “_blank”, “width=400, height=550″);
Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 09.12.55 A button without a change of cursor is no button. So Click on Auto next to Cursor and choose the pointer.
Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 09.18.34 Close the Actions panel and hit the Command Enter, or Control Enter to test your Share button.

Ow… If you’ve liked this little tutorial… feel free to Share it ;)






Here’s how to add a Facebook Like button:






Live blog 25 years of Adobe Illustrator in Amsterdam AUGNL

17:00 Guy and Myzet have a final talk to wrap it up. It was a great and inspiring day in Amsterdam. Thank you Adobe Usergroup NL for organizing a fully packed and interesting day. Until next time!

16:30 Myzet Couprie is the final speaker at the celebration of illustrator. She will give us an updat about the new features in Illustrator CC.




Add social buttons to Edge Animate CC

Social media is very important. I can understand the need for Facebook Like and Share buttons in Edge Animate projects.

But I found it hard to find tutorials about it. So I’ve made one myself!

Go check it out on vimeo!

Add a Facebook Like button to Adobe Edge Animate CC from Matthijs Clasener on Vimeo.


AUGNL: print and publishing: Adobe InDesign session 2 by Frans van der Geest

Frans is a well know blog and book writer about InDesign and it’s workflow. His session today is about color management in InDesign and it’s background.




AUGNL: print and publishing: Adobe InDesign session 1 by Guy van der Kolk

The Dutch Adobe User Group is giving 75 members a bigger insight in Adobe InDesign, and I’m one of the lucky ones to attend this session. It has been a long time since I’ve been at Adobes Benelux HQ in Amsterdam.


First session is opened by Guy van der Kolk @macfanguy part of the AUG. Guy is one of the presenters who does a lot for the Print and Publishing theme presentations.


InDesign and tables
We are a bit spoiled by Microsoft word thanks to the table styles… A lot of tables styles. In InDesign are no premade table styles available, and to make them is a bit hard.

Guy demonstrates the power of CC by changing the installed English version to Dutch. This makes it really easy to switch languages. You need to reinstall your apps in the creative cloud app, it only installs the language packages.

br />

A table is actually a character which flows in your text. You can add a paragraph style to the table to align it because it is a character.

Overflow can be seen in the Story Editor, very useful tip!

Cmd shift a deselects all selected objects. Then hit the W on your keyboard to preview the file.

In the end… Tables in InDesign is not that hard, it’s just something you’ll need to get used to. Thanx for the presentation @macfanguy

Adobe Edge Animate 3.0

Adobe Edge Animate is already dropping version 3.0 of the awesome tool. And a lot of features have been added to the piece of software where adding Sound was the number one feature request I think!

Here’s a brief overview of the new stuff:

New: Audio, responsive animations and more

This latest update brings even greater depth and interactivity to your work. Now you can sync audio files, make animations responsive for different screen sizes, and add your favorite JavaScript libraries to extend your Edge Animate projects. Check out this quick tour from product manager Sarah Hunt.

More information: klick here

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After Effects Cs6 on Mavericks

I’m teaching Cs6 at my school. And I’ve got the Creative Cloud apps running on my system as well. I came to notice that After Effects does not run its Cs6 version on Maverick. But because of having Cs6 and CC at the same time, the application manager has disappeared. So it’s a bit harder to update After Effects Cs6.

Please follow this link to download the update here.

Download the DMG file.



Once you’ve downloaded the file, make sure you’ve closed the application manager of the Creative Cloud.

Install the file and enjoy After Effects Cs6 once again on Apple osx Mavericks.


Adobe Certified Associate

I don’t know if we have written history yesterday (1-15-2014), but it certainly feels like it! My students of the Audio Visual Design course at the GLR have taken a very serious Adobe Certified Associate exam. The students have been trained in Premiere Pro only since the beginning of this school year and 7 students have passed this test. Which is very difficult and nerve wrecking because… it’s in English.

With Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification, these students are uniquely positioned for digital media opportunities in today’s challenging job market! Fantastic to have such a certificate on your resume. So when opportunity (cleverly disguised as a hiring manager) comes knocking—they’ll be ready.


Becoming Adobe certified helps students retain what is learned, and ultimately, reduces the time-to-productivity curve that new hires typically experience. Simply stated, certified students are more attractive to potential employers and better prepared to hit the ground running on day-one of their new job.


I’ve trained and prepared my students to do great things and with ACA certification those great things can begin almost immediately. Studies show that students who receive a certification as part of a career-focused education program achieve a much higher level of academic success.

With Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification, students gain the expertise needed to harness ideas and bring them to life. Students gain confidence and recognition as they certify the workforce skills and software knowledge needed to succeed in higher education and on the job.



With the rapid advancement of video and multi-media technology, Adobe Premiere Pro helps produce and edit productions more fluidly than ever before. And users don’t need a box-office budget to back their next great feature film—just the skills.

The Adobe Certified Associate program offers the exam for the following Premiere versions: Adobe PremierePro CS6.

  • Setting project requirements
  • Identifying design elements when preparing video
  • Understanding the Adobe Premiere® Pro interface
  • Editing video sequences with Adobe Premiere® Pro
  • Exporting video with Adobe Premiere® Pro


The very cool thing of our school is that we can do the exams inside our own school. So this makes it very easy to organise events like this with help of my colleagues from the All 12 students where able to take the exam at the same time in an environment which is suited for taking exams from Certiport. So a big thank you for helping out. I consider this the first step in ACA certification at my school. There are tests for a lot more tools from Adobe, so whats next?



I’ve learned that it is very hard for my students to take the test. They where extremely nervous for the exam. Sure my students speak English, but the questions are written on a higher English level and very technical. Even for me some questions are hard to understand. This is something we need to focus on. Extra time for non native speakers would help, like with the Adobe Certified Expert exams.

I’m happy to have been part of the team for making the new Adobe Premiere Pro CC exam. In that way I’ve been able to re-write sentences to a level that I expect my students to understand. So next year… 100%? I sure hope so.

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