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Best Names in Educational Technology are Coming to Istanbul!

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April 17-18-19, 2015

Edtechist will host a world leader in Educational Technology; the author of the book, “Who Owns Learning”, which is listed in New York Times 2013 best sellers and the founder of “Stanford Instutue for Educational Leadership through Technology”, Alan November, as a keynote speaker.

Edtechist will also welcome 20 experts with specialization on different topics and these experts will share their experience with the participants through half day sessions on two conference days. This great event will take place at MEF University, on April 17-18-19!

Are you ready for teaching in the 21st century? Check out now and book your ticket to this awesome event!

The only answer to the question “See you there” is “Yes!” :)


Adobe Ink&Slide

This week I considered myself as being one of the lucky ones who was asked to play with the new Adobe Ink&Slide. This is the first hardware that Adobe has made and it is for the iPad first. For me this project has got a long history ever since they called is project Mighty and Napoleon.

But what is it? Well it’s a very nifty stylus pen which is accompanied by a little ruler. It’s nifty because of the fact that it’s got a very awesome pressure sensitivity on the iPad thanks to the communication between pen and iPad over Bluetooth. The ruler helps you working very precise like you would draw on paper.

And then there is te connection with the creative cloud when you use adobe’s drawing apps. You can copy and paste elements from one iPad to another via the Creative Cloud. Which is totally awesome!

Unboxing it

The product costs $199,- which is quite a lot, so it comes in a very nice package. Well designed and it gives your present a nice luxury feeling. In the box you’ll find the pen and the ruler of course, but also a tube to put it in and cary around AND charge it in. Charging the pen can be done with an micro usb cable which you can find in the box as well. And a little manual of course.

IMG_2920.JPG IMG_2921.JPG
IMG_2923.JPG IMG_2922.JPG

The pen is recharged very quickly (50% in half an hour). But unfortunately the pen does not work with my iPad… I’ve got an iPad 3rd generation, and it needs an iPad 4rd generation or later. I’ll write my findings down when I’ve got an iPad upgrade ;)








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Adobe Professional Development

I was asked by Adobe Education to do two awesome sessions about video in Adobe Connect for educators word wide. These sessions where organized by my Adobe Education Leader friend Pip Cleaves all the way in Australia. For my first session she had to get out of bed at two AM! She’s a though one ;)

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In this session of half an hour I’ve discussed what a showreel is and what we do with it at our school. I’ve made a showreel with the graduation projects of my Animation class in Premier Pro.

Subjects during this session:

  • Setting up projects
  • Setting up sequences
  • Importing assets
  • Editing on the timeline
  • Adding a default title
  • Adding transitions
  • Export with Media Encoder

You can find the recording over here:


The second session was the other way around… This session started at 00:00 hours and was a bit harder for me at this hour. The power that Dynamic linking can bring you is immense. I try to explain te benefits of the tools together from out Premiere Pro. Using Photoshop and After Effects files and making changes along the way is so powerful and a timesaver.

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Subjects during this session:

  • Replace with After Effects Composition
  • Making animations in After Effects
  • Adding Photoshop elements
  • Going back to Premiere Pro
  • Making changes to the original
  • Export with Media Encoder

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 00.01.51









You can find the recording over here:

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GLR Alumni Sessions

On Tuesday the 11th of November 2014 I’ve started something new. The so called GLR Alumni session was broadcasted live in the evening and students and other interested people could join in and watch this session. The idea is to give current students a clear image of what their future could look like after their graduation.

I’m inviting students from the previous classes to join in and give a session. Last night during the first session Muharram Bayrak was the first alumnus to present. What a great first presentation it was! He told a lot about the animation industry, motivation, his career path until now and finally showed us a demo in Autodesk Maya.

There was a lot of activity going on in the chat during the session with about 20 students in the room.

You can watch the recording here

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I’ve invited Andrew Marshel for next months edition of the Alumni Sessions. He works at DreamWorks Animation and will discuss the way of storyboarding.

Register now for this session on the 3rd of December

GLR Alumni Sessions: Muharrem Bayrak | Animation

We are as always curious to what has come of our students who have succesfully graduated years and years ago at our school.

We hope to give our present students a good idea to whats coming their way in a “hopefully” monthly series of sessions by our alumni students.

This months speaker is Muharram Bayrak who has left our school about four years ago after studying in our Animation course at the GLR. Since then he has been working in the animation industry and has a couple of short flicks and he was the lead animator of a film which was in the cinema.

He will tell you guys and girls all about his experiences, pitfalls on the way, what he has learned. I would say … A truly inspiring session.

Feel free to join us during this event in Adobe Connect!

October 30th – Playgrounds Festival 2014

Today will be one of those days that feel like the icing on the cake of this school year. We will go to Amsterdam for the 2014 edition of the Playgrounds Festival together with a bunch of students of the GLR. These students are in the curriculum Motion Design (Animation and Video) and that’s exactly what today is about in the capital of The Netherlands!

It’s going to be a day filled with great, or must I say Awesome speakers from the field. And their job is to show us some making offs, tell us what inspires them and mostly inspire us! They’ve got a massive lineup planned for today.

Passion Pictures – Nike, the last game

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London Fieldtrip

Two weeks ago we went to the amazing city of London. From October 13th thru 15th we where discovering the place with 101 students in total.

Part of the trip was teambuilding, getting to know the students (from a teachers point of view) and for the students to know each other.

The plan was to visit the Harry Potter Studios on Tuesday and to do an acting workshop on Wednesday. Both items on the agenda where a huge success!

More information about the field trip is to be found on


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Three new GLR Promo’s

We’ve got a new building at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam. A whole new design, a lot of glass, students and computers. I’ve asked my video design class to make a promo for our school in the new situation. Three teams have delivered quite a nice video. Hopefully a fourth video will be delivered shortly. I and my students hope you like it! More Dutch explanation about the new building on:

GLR International Promo 2014 nr 3 from Matthijs Clasener on Vimeo.

GLR International Promo 2014 nr 2 from Matthijs Clasener on Vimeo.

GLR International Promo 2014 nr 1 from Matthijs Clasener on Vimeo.

Global Video Battle 2014 – It’s a wrap

It seems so long ago that I started up this session of the Global Video Battle. It was November 2013 when teachers could signup their student teams for this awesome video competition.

They could send in up to three teams of each about five students in total. The assignment given wasn’t that hard at first sight, but once you want to make the best video possible lots of challenges are waiting for you.


Make a short fiction movie of about 5 to 12 minutes which consists of video and special effects. In the video we needed to see the scenery of the city their school is in. Not like a travel show or a documentary. We needed the kids to go outside of the school and show us the beauty of their country/city.

Adobe connect

We started at the end of April with the assignment. At that time seven schools where all set up to start the assignment. I’ve done a kick-off presentation several times to make sure that each timezone was served with their very own live kick-off event.

During the 12 weeks of working on concepts, designs and production the students needed to present in front of the webcam. These presentation lead to knock-out rounds in order to get one finalist in each of the competing schools.

Facebook and Twitter

This year we used Facebook and Twitter even more. A lot of the communication went through our Facebook group. Events, tips and trick from the teachers and jury members and the recordings of the connect sessions where shared in here.

In the final week when the videos where sent to our fabulous jury we also invited everybody around the world to like their favorite video. The total percentage of likes was added to the total score of the jury. And people liked the videos massively, which gave my competition a lot of exposure!


In the end two schools could win the prize of a one years members ship for the Adobe Creative Cloud. The Higher Ed category was won by the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam (ECHO) and K12 was won by Allen High (CHARLY).

Two students have won a Premium Membership for one year at LYNDA.COM as well.


About 100 students world wide did work on this competition.

7 schools where part of the Global Video battle

The 6 countries where The Netherlands, USA (Texas), Thailand, South Korea, Turkey and New Zealand

A stunning teaching crew around the world of 12 brilliant teachers.

7 jury members spread over the world did a fantastic job

More then 13000 people have been seeing the activity on our Facebook page.

We have got more then 2000 complete views on vimeo (people have seen the videos from start thru finish)

The competition had 274 page likes (and still counting)

The videos have got liked 431 times

Next year?

We will be back. Bigger and stronger! If you want to join, please let your teacher fill out this form:

Note: Next year only two teams per school can sign up, applying only one team is not allowed. A team has about 5 students (4, 5 or 6).

We are going to add online classes to the process. You can think of lessons in Adobe Story, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition… etc.



Adobe CC NeXT

Today I’m a guest at the Adobe CC

More powerful smart objects
Improved Layer Comps
Blur Gallery motion effects
Focus mask
Improved Content-Aware technology

Live shapes
Pen Tool Preview
Anchor point enhancements
CSS extraction
Desktop fonts from typekit

Drag and drop columns and rows within tables
EPUB fixed layout
Seamless update
Color swatch folders
Enhanced effects

Native 64 bit support
InI browser editing updates
Creative cloud add ons
HiDpi support
Dark UI

Premiere pro
Live text templates
Masking and tracking
Master clip effect
Enhanced graphics performance in Mercury Playback Engine
faster editing workflow

After Effects
Keying effects
Live text templates
Share masks with Premiere Pro
Kuler interpgration
Mercury transmit

Live element quick view

Svg export
Variable width strokes.
Tweeting for variable width strokes
Motion editor
WebGL for animation

Edge animate
Native HTML video
Sprite sheet import
Article linking for Adobe DPS
Actions editor
Copy & paste SVG from Illustrator

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